This research project is intended to show how changing techno-economic conditions broadly affect geothermal project viability in a region. Nothing about this project constitutes professional and/or financial advice, nor does any information on this site present a comprehensive or complete statement regarding project viability in an area.

Each grid cell in this model represents a 5 km by 5 km area and should not be interpreted to be a substitute for site-specific information or feasibility/pre-feasibility assessments.


Gordon Brasnett is a student at the University of Calgary and acknowledges the support of the Mitacs Business Strategy Internship program funded via the Government of Canada and Alberta No. 1 (ABNo1).

ABNo1 is partially funded through Natural Resource Canada (NRCan) Emerging Renewal Power Program (ERPP), and the authors acknowledge the support provided through this program.

Geothermal gradient data was generously shared by Jacek Majorowicz PhD, University of Alberta (retired). These geothermal gradient maps represent years' worth of data collection and analysis, the authors thank Dr. Majorowicz for sharing this information as this project would not have been possible without it. 


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